About the Project

One festival hall. Countless LED walls. One video premiere. One music-loving crowd. Âme Live. The next URBAN RAVE SPOT is on. Be there when legendary DJs play live for a selected group at an extraordinary location. A time travel into the underground, into the cellars and clubs of the 90s in Frankfurt. A tribute to the former rave nation on the Main river. The Rave Is On. Frank Wiedemann of the dynamic duo Âme starts with a unique live performance in the Festhalle, followed by an Ame DJ Set their videos will be shown in a way they have never been seen before over huge LED walls, where later breathtaking visuals can be seen. Afterwards Berlin’s finest Ruede Hagelstein (Tresor & Watergate) and his Label Partner Amin Fallaha (Duat Records) are taking over. After the festival hall closes its doors, we drive to a secret location for our Dance All Night graduation party, with a DJ set from Âme (kristian Beyer), Ruede Hagelstein and Amin Fallaha.

Hamburger Bahnhof
United We Stream

DUAT Agency (Concept by Amin Fallaha)

Camera & Direction:
Stark & Shakupa

Elshan Ghasimi
Klara Oehler
Llewelyn Reichmann

Tobias Hagelstein
Alexander Iggs

Special Thanks:
Cornelia Weber
Zinaida Ebden

Poster Credits:
Poster by NONOT

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