About the Project

English: Heaven After Dark is an event series created by Perry Farrell and Etty Lau Farrell. It is an event for the next generation of clubs and youth culture featuring iconic artists, emerging musicians, and performance art, with the sharpest underground DJs and producers bringing a cultural blend of club ready sounds and twisty art for a new generation. It delivers an evening that has to be lived and cannot be viewed on social media. Heaven After Dark brings together unique, eclectic, and international culture enthusiasts through music and art. Inspiring an experience for a creative society with special regards for knowledge, diversity, curiosity, and collaboration. Perry Farrell and DUAT Agency will run the event together. DUAT Agency is a modern music, event and communication agency that emerged from the Berlin techno label DUAT Records. With events, media design and music curation, she is now widely active in the cultural landscape, from the museum to the subcultural niches of the underground.

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