About the Project

[ Performance Collaboration ] The new collaboration between our in-house Label DUATRECORDS, Fabien Prioville Dance Company, Vertere Berlin and Mischa Lorenz is out now. Track-ID: Argia - Hathor [DUAT Folklore] Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW. Concept & Choreography: @fabien_prioville Director of Photography: @mischalorenz Assistant Choreography: @azusaprioville Dancers: @annasuheylaharms , @evanschwarz92 , Francesca Ciaffoni, @leonor.clary , @tijanaprendovic Original Material: Dancers Light: @richkidsofduisburg Makeup: @makeupandhair_ksenija Outfits: @vertere_berlin Music: @argiamusic Management: Alexandra Schmidt Production: Hannah Busch Assistant Production & Social Media: Pascal Jung Warch the Video on Youtube ❤️

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